Posted by: erinmelissa | April 29, 2009

Kentucky Derby Party

So, Saturday we’re going to a Kentucky Derby party – my first.  We were told we don’t have to dress up.  That sounds like an invitation to dress up to me!  So, I’m debating.  Should I go dressed in a Sunday dress and Derby hat:


which would require me getting a hat only (although the hat is not likely to be worn again)

OR…should I wear my suede boots with khaki’s tucked in, a t-shirt (currently trying to find one with a horse on it) with a brown blazer and a jockey cap?



Let me know your vote!  Thanks!



  1. There are few things I like to dress up more in than big hats. I vote for number 1!

  2. 135 years of tradition says you go in the hat!

  3. I think #1 is more traditional, but thinking of you in a jockey hat…I think you would look great in that! Which ever you decide on, you better post a pic!

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