Posted by: erinmelissa | April 30, 2009

Reasons I love my hubby.

There are many reasons to love Tim.  He’s adorable and hilarious and wonderful.  But here’s a few I was thinking about:

  • When playing Boom Blox, he’ll play left handed so I have a chance of beating him.
  • He humors me and lets me not only listen to the Wicked soundtrack in the car, but assign certain rolls to him and myself.  Most recently he got to be the Wizard and I got to be Glinda, but I have been known to play the rolls of the Wizard and Fiyero simultaneously.  Also I can get him to sing “Popular” with me if I sweet talk him enough.
  • He eats the food I don’t like off my plate serupticiously so I look like a good eater.
  • He calls me just to say hi.
  • He supports me being crafty, even if he doesn’t like the end result.
  • He makes a mean egg sandwich.
  • He’ll wear a costume to a “costume optional” party to coordinate with me.
  • He helps me pick out the most flattering clothes when we’re shopping, then pays for them.
  • He loves hanging out with my dad.
  • He spoils Mitsuki rotten after reminding me not to give Mitsuki everything he asks for.

These are a few of the reasons I’m so blessed to have him.


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