Posted by: erinmelissa | May 4, 2009

Search results

One of the fun things about WordPress is it shows you how people end up on your blog.  Here are some of the most common searches people use to get here:

bella twilight (103 searches plus 18 variations)

tim fulton costco (wow, this person knows a lot about my husband)

lion king (41 plus 65 other variations of lion king stuff)

alison leras (5 – Al, I think you should start blogging again)

yowsah yowsah yowsah (3.  I’m not sure why someone would google that.)

easter drama pictures 2009 – betting they were disappointed

weirdest prom dress

antique silhouette images (97 – a very popular one. )

victorian couple toasting – I think this sums Tim and me up nicely

mrs. pumba  – huh?

tim and erin fulton (about 50 variations)

kings of lion you som body (me fail english?  That’s unpossible!)

kentucky derby dress

barbie i love you

lilyflysgarden – I don’t know what this is.  Maybe I should google it.  Would it lead back to me?

Wasn’t that fun?



  1. I should at least take down my old blog if I’m not going to update it!…It seems that right now my attention span/available time are more in tune with facebook updates and posts…I think you should get Facebook:)

  2. Yes Erin, you should get Facebook. I agree. And I want to tell you that David and I watched Once today and I REALLY want the soundtrack now. Amazing.

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