Posted by: erinmelissa | May 13, 2009

Puggle Mania

I’ve wanted a puppy for agggggeeeeesss.   This is hands down the longest stretch of time I’ve not had a dog.  Tim is warming up to the idea of an eventual dog, but for various reasons, this is not the time (I say that very grudgingly).  But, I just discovered the puggle.  This was the e-mail I sent to Tim after making this discovery:

Lets get a puggle.  Please please please?  It’s all I want.  (Except kids).  All I want.  (Except to see Wicked.)  All I want. 


 Yes, the e-mail was complete with picture.  So, he replied that it’s adorable (how right he is!) and to do some research.


Half pug

Half beagle

Generally doesn’t bark

Loves all people, tiny ones (like kids and pygmies) included

Avoids respiratory problems of pugs

Avoids running off problems of beagles

Likes to play AND nap.  Score

Described as clowns – a good way to terrify my clownaphobic little brother – always a plus.  (Just kidding Chris…mostly)

Adore being lap dogs

And come on – just look at the little guy. 







And they come in black for easy accessorizing!   Black goes with everything!  I’d call this one Winston.

Coco 12-6-07 025

Resistance is futile.


  1. Hi… came across this on my google alerts for “puggle”! If you are looking for a puppy you should totally get a puggle! My boyfriend and I got ours in February and he is the most cute, fun loving puppy I have ever met! He is so active and loves to play (I’m just waiting for the loves to nap part!).
    In addition to what you listed we have also found out that he loves learning and can pick up tricks and commands after just a few tries.
    If you want to see more about how smart puggles are check out the blog (this is not our puppy, though).

  2. Hi! PUGGLES ROCK! Until you get a puggle, visit my blog everday for crazy pictures and videos. I can be your virtual Puggle.

    Avoids running off problems of beagles…

    Um, just don’t mind the post about me running away.

    btw, Preston Puggle is my friend. he is super smart. i am just super crazy.

  3. Oh, please get a dog! We will live close soon and our dogs can play together. Plus, I am positive they are good practice for kids. And dogs are great for kids. But I’m sure you don’t need convincing!

  4. That is so the dog I want to get. When Travis and I first got married, our landlord had a puggle and left it out on his porch tied up all the time. I would sneak it into our apartment and play with it when he would be gone for long periods. They are adorable!!! And let me tell you, easier to take with you than a baby! But, I can’t wait till you do have a little Fulton! 😉

  5. Tried posting yesterday but it didn’t stick. Gonna try again today! Come hang out at my blog until you can get your own puggle! there are funny videos and pictures of me.

    Avoids running off problems of beagles= um not true in my case. I am naughty dog.

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