Posted by: erinmelissa | May 20, 2009


I just got the best question ever.  “What is Etsy?”  Etsy is like a huge online craft bazaar/antique store.  People with lots of talent, or access to really cool craft supplies open little stores within the Etsy website, and bless people like me with their creations.  It’s got a ton of variety, and you can literally find anything you’re looking for.  For example, I searched for “Homestar Runner” and found necklaces starring the Cheat, Trogdor, Strongsad and Strongbad.  Or…say you’re looking for an original Midge (Barbie’s best friend) doll.  Check in the vintage section.   It’s like someone has found the coolest things in the world and put them at your fingertips (generally) for a really good price.

It’s split into 5 categories for your searching ease.

Handmade – which is the vast majority

Vintage – I got some awesome Christmas decorations last year

Supplies – where I find fabric

All Items – exactly what it sounds like

Sellers – you can search for a specific sellers name if you forgot to add it to your favorites. 

So, how do you begin your Etsy searchings?  There are a few ways…open the home page at and look through their handpicked items.  If something catches your eye, click on it, and it will give you the option to shop the rest of the sellers store.  Or, think of something you love (for example Kris Allen of American Idol) and find endless support (okay, two things) for him in the form of scrabble tile necklaces.  Or, click on any of these; my favorite stores:


Pretty tree artwork.  I have two.


Coasters with fun vintage designs


Purses I desperately want


Cute cute clothes


Scrabble tile necklaces GALORE


Best jewelry ever


Wooden cutouts


Cards and letter press

Hope this is helpful, let me know if there are any other Etsy questions out there!



  1. thanks, erin! verrrry helpful. and thanks for the kris allen shout out. 🙂

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