Posted by: erinmelissa | May 26, 2009

What a Weekend

Can I just say I am in favor of three day weekends?  In fact, I could do with more of them.  I will tell you all the highlights of the weekend, but I want to accompany them with pictures, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. 

But, a few fun things: my little brother texted me this message: “I’m applying for a job in Antarctica.”  What? 

We officially love Jane.  She is our favorite little girl ever.

I put Tim’s wallet through the wash.

My new name (according to Jane) is Elmoy.  I think it’s a compliment to have Elmo in there.

We stole a wallet.  Accidentally, but still.  (It has been returned to it’s rightful owner.)

Portabello mushroom burgers for Meg and me, meat and bacon burgers for Ryan and Tim.

I love cinnamon raisin bagel chips. 

We hiked Staircase over the weekend.  I’ve grown out of my hiking pants.  I found out right before we left.  Tight pants + hiking = sore thighs.

More to come!


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