Posted by: erinmelissa | May 29, 2009

Making Blankets

I’m making a blanket for a friend who’s having a baby.  Since I returned my sewing machine, I’m using an elbow grease and needle and thread combo.  I found super cute fabric:



so the majority of the blanket is that print on a soft minky pink base.  I finished stitching that by hand (took about 5 hours to cut/pin/hem bird fabric/pin to pink fabric/stitch it all together.)  And it’s cute, but kinda boring.  So I found:


(if you look close these lady bugs are on the original fabric but they’re pale pink)


Same birds and ladybugs as original fabric, but adding some new colors.


The branches on the trees are the same as the branches from the original fabric.

The backing minky fabric:


I literally walked the aisles feeling fabrics looking for the softest.  This won.  By a landslide.

So, last night I set to work cutting and hemming three 6″x6″ squares of the minky fabric, and I’m going to put 4 1/2″x4 1/2″ of the three additional fabrics on these squares then attach them to the original fabric to mix it up a bit.  Then I thought I’d take three more squares of fabric and attach them to the pink side, so that either way you have the blanket there will be something cute to look at (besides the baby). 

Anyway, as I was making it, Tim told me to charge $100 – which would be a $75 profit.  So, it was going to be a gift, but now I guess I’m charging the parents to be $100.  Hope they’re okay with that.  😉

I’ll post a picture when it’s completed – assuming my camera cord turns up.

*The fabrics are the Heidi Grace collection at JoAnns.



  1. That is awesome!! And Tim’s right! With ALL that work… you’ve gotta get a little something out of it! =) Can’t wait to see it finished!

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