Posted by: erinmelissa | June 1, 2009

I am By No Means a Trekkie…

…but my Grandma is.  To the extreme.  Her Christmas tree is decorated each year with working Star Ship Enterprises, talking Spocks, Captain Kirk chilling in his chair, etc.  So, I grew up inadvertently watching it while hanging out at her house.  I know enough Star Trek stuff to recognize most of the characters, be able to compare the likenesses of the originals to those in the new movie, and laugh at the catch phrases.  All that to say, Tim, Dad, Grandma and I went to see the new Star Trek movie on Saturday.  I was very impressed.  It took something that (to some) has a connotation of cheesiness and made it very cool.  The story was fast paced and fun, really funny, and the cast was phenomenal.  It was fun to watch Grandma grin through the whole thing, she was “touched by how high quality it was.”  The timing worked out well too, since she’d just celebrated her 88th birthday last week.  

A few things to note about the movie:

In the future, we will all wear the same outfits, as Jerry Seinfield so aptly points out in I’m Telling You for the Last Time.  And I’m pretty okay with what was chosen:




Reasons I’m okay with this (specifically the girls outfits)

1.) In the future, they seem to have eliminated the problem of cellulite as well as made everyone have a common weight and size.  Even aliens.  Note the uniformity of the women behind Spock.   So, I can wear this mini skirt without worrying about cottage cheese thighs.

2.) In the future they have come up with personal temperature regulators.  At least, I’m assuming they have, because otherwise there would need to be more layers to the ladies outfits.   Or at least leg warmers.

3.) The shoes are great.  I still want freedom to wear other shoes, but really…knee high leather boots?  I’m okay with it.  And if everyone is wearing them, they’ve probably made them comfy.

4.)  The laser beam gun looks cool and tough.

That said, the movie was good, you should see it.  Check back later to hear how my office compares to The Office…it’s a little ridiculous.


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