Posted by: erinmelissa | June 3, 2009

My Office vs. THE Office

Friday started out fairly normal.  There was going to be a birthday potluck (Mexican food theme – always delightful), so I got ready, gathered my guacamole supplies and headed out the door.  The first few hours of work were normal.  I took a few minutes, put my guacamole together and added it to the potluck pile. 

Around 11 it was announced that it was time.  We all sprinted to the food corner and becan eagerly piling food on our tiny paper plates.  Normally when we have a work potluck we get food, take it to our desks, and at least in my case, eat while working so I can still leave for an hour lunch.  Well, this wasn’t a normal potluck.  We were “invited” into the conference room to eat together.  This is fine, I don’t mind, but it squelched my plans of escape for lunch. 

So, we spent the better part of an hour reminiscing about terrible customers and former co-workers.  Then we went back to work .  But, not too soon after we went back to our desks, we were called down to the warehouse.  For what you might ask?  Pinata time.  This was a first since I’ve been here.  The boss had searched high and low (figuratively) for a place to hang the pinata, and couldn’t find anything.  So, when we got to the warehouse (cameras and camcorders in tow), we found a donkey pinata hanging from a forklift.  Then, I was handed a bandana to put over our CFO’s eyes.  Um…no thanks.  I don’t really want to do that.  I shoved it in his hands instead and got scolded, “Erin, it has to be over his eyes!”.  Eventually the GM put it over the CFO’s eyes.  The CFO then took the bat, which after much discussion was determined to be bamboo, and tried, unsuccessfully to find the forklift.  He found the wall pretty quickly though. 

When he eventually did find the forklift, the operator had raised it as high as it went, so the pinata was out of reach.  So the CFO went for the operator instead, naturally.  Eventually the pinata was reached, the candy (sugar free) was spilled, and mad chaos ensued. 

Now, I thought, is the end of the weirdness.  And it was.  Until 3:00 when cake time happened.  The cake, as a throw back to the CFO’s younger, wilder days, had a big frosting “maple” leaf in the middle that had been “laced” with “sprinkles.”  Thus began the drug stories.  A half hour later, and a little more knowledgable about drugs, I walked out filled to the rafters with good good food and very drowsy.  I wrapped up the rest of the day uneventfully.  To be honest, I didn’t think much of how random the day was until I was relaying it to some friends and realized how weird it sounds all in succession.  Welcome to my life.



  1. I love office parties and randomness. Anything to break up the day and distract everyone from work is welcome in my book.

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