Posted by: erinmelissa | June 8, 2009

Alaska Bound in T-Minus 4 Days

So here are some fun AK facts for you:

Once I was IMing with Tyler (who lives in AK), and he told me he had to go, there was a moose at his window.

AK has 3 million lakes.  Jeepers.

While we are there, the sun will be set for an average of 3 hours a “night”

The only state to have coastlines on three different seas: Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea

That’s where Calvin and Hobbes want to go in Yukon Ho!  Or, at least it could be.  Cause some of the Yukon river is in Alaska.

The state fish is the King Salmon.  Maybe I’ll taste some of Tim’s.  (I’d never order it, cause fish is gross.  It eat worms for crying out loud)

The state insect is the four spot skimmer dragon fly.  It could be a whole lot worse.

In 1867 US Secretary of State, Seward, offered Russia $7,200.00, or two centes per acre, for Alaska

Juneau was named for Joe Juneau

The state of Rhode Island could fit into AK 425 times

The state motto is “North to the future.”  I don’t know what that means.

AK does not allow billboard advertising

AK has the highest percentage of people who walk to work (brrr)

I hope you’ve learned a lot.  I’m sure I’ll have more when I get back.

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