Posted by: erinmelissa | June 10, 2009

Fighting for the rights of dead fish??

All over the new today I’m seeing: PETA targets fish toss at Pike Place Market.  Really?  One of the most popular attractions at the Pike’s Place Market is undeniable the fish toss.  It gets ordered, and the person ordering it is tossed a tennis ball.  The tennis ball is then stuffed with money for the fish, the fish is tossed to an employee to wrap it in newspaper, and then it’s tossed to the buyer.  It’s fun to see and fun to participate in.  (I secretly always hope it’ll get fumbled a bit.)  Is this process cruel?  “PETA sent a letter to the association saying people who care about animals are appalled fish would be treated as toys.” 

Maybe they don’t realize…the fish…well, they’re dead.  As in, they have no idea they’re being tossed.  And tossed, not just to be “like toys”, but to bring nourishment to the masses in Seattle.

It would be different if they were alive.  More challenging to catch for one, but I can understand how one would consider that cruel.

Or, if, instead of fish, it were…say…kittens being tossed around.  Or a juggling show where they juggle 4 bulldogs while balancing a parakeet on their nose.  But dead fish…

Maybe I’m totally wrong.  Maybe I’m heartless.  Maybe it’s just cause I’m not a fan of marine life without eyelids.  (It’s creeeepy.  Just staring all the time…)  Whatever the case, I think it’s ridiculous.  Pike Place fish throwers, thanks for the entertainment!



  1. I have to say that I was laughing through most of this. How can it be cruel if they are dead? Silly PETA. Eating animails is not cruel, it is why God created them.

  2. That is ridiculous! And I loved seeing them throw the fish when I visited years ago. People are really running out of worthwhile things to fight over if they are fighting for dead fish.

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