Posted by: erinmelissa | June 10, 2009

I wore two different earrings to work today

They don’t even look kind of the same.  One is a dangley oval hoop that Ryan and Meg gave me for my very early birthday (they gave me two actually.  I just “chose” to wear one.) and the other is a turquoise bead with silver accents on a hooked wire.  They aren’t even the same lengths.  And, I wasn’t running late.  I was convinced that I had both of the oval hoops.  I didn’t.  Other that that, I’m having a great day!   Because I left so early, I went to Starbucks.  I bought my drink, and they also gave me a grande caramel frap to go with it!  What?!   I guess they made the wrong size for someone in the drivethru.  Free for me!  Then I got to work and had stuff to do!  (Fairly uncommon in this market).  Then I made pedicure appts for tonight at one of the best ranked (and cheapest) spas in town for me and three friends!  I’m very excited.  I haven’t had a pedi since my wedding, which was almost 5 years ago.  Other than the earrings, today has been grand!  Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even treat you to a picture of my pretty toes…



  1. So, one day at work last week I discovered that I put both (matching) earrings in the same ear. My brain was so not engaged. 🙂

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