Posted by: erinmelissa | June 11, 2009

Pretty Toes

Last night some friends and I treated ourselves to pretty feet.  We sat in massaging chairs, with our feet in a mini hot tub and chatted, then had our feet “sanded”, legs massaged, cuticles trimmed, yummy smelling stuff rubbed into our feet, and crazy colors painted on our toe nails.  Tina picked blood red, with white flowers and silver accents on her big toes.  Sarah picked bright orange.  Joanna picked reddish pink with black and white and pink flowers on her big toes, and I picked crazy hot pink with the most beautiful detailed orchid on my big toes.  It is a wite flower with yellow at the bottom of the petals, with a glittery blue dot at the base of the flower.  Then she added whispy branches in white, and put little white dots under those, and more sparkly blue dots above…impossible to really describe, but I did take pictures, taht I promise to post.  All that to say, they are awesome.  Then I came hoem and showed Tim, and he was amazed…not so much at the flowers, or the color, but at the size of my baby toe nail.  Granted, it is absurdly small.  But he marvelled at it for at least a good minute, then had me show him the baby toe on my other foot.  Imagine what he’ll do when there are actually baby baby toes in our house!

Closet representation to my flower I can find at the moment

Closet representation to my flower I can find at the moment


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