Posted by: erinmelissa | June 24, 2009

My Hair’s Playing Tricks on Me and the Coffee’s Out to Get Me

This morning I planned my outfit very carefully.  I wore my white long sleeved button down Martin and Osa blouse with my gray Martin and Osa jeans and pale orange heels.  I then added my black beaded necklace, and pulled my hair into a half ponytail, with a reddish orange poppy clip.  I carefully trained the remaining hair to curl slightly under and headed out the door.  When I pulled up to my office, the parking lot was full.  I parked two parking lots over, and started the l-o-n-g walk to the office in my 4″ heels.  It was slow going.  Then, once I arrived I found that the wind had overruled my careful curling and flipped half of my hair out, and created a weird wave in the rest.  Sad from this,  I decided coffee would help.  So, I poured my coconut vanilla cream into my Starbucks mug, and went to play Russian Roulette coffee style.  See, we have one of those caraffe’s where you push the pump above the lid to release the coffee.  The danger is, if the coffee  is getting low, it will spit all over you.  Nice white shirt, splattered black coffee – do you know of a more terrifying combination?  So, I hold my breath, say a little prayer, and push.  A fresh stream of coffee pours into my cup.  Ah…my day is looking up.


  1. LOL—evil Starbucks! Lucky you–for now.

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