Posted by: erinmelissa | June 29, 2009

Onboard Fun


These are my toes.  Cute pedi right?Alaska 001

This was one of my favorite appitizers.  Grilled veggies.

Alaska 002

This was one of Andrew’s favorite desserts: The Love Boat

Alaska 003

Most dinners had a “cold soup”.  This one was a pina colada soup.


This looks staged, but it’s not, I promise.


At our safety drill.


At the comedy show with Carlos Oscar


Of course we played shuffle board.


I hear the Creme Brulle is to die for.  (It is, friends, it is.)

Alaska 004

Our little room.  Multiple mirrors gave the illusion of windows.  And space.

Alaska 005

The “Mini Golf” course.  I use that term loosely.

Alaska 110

Swan cream puffs.  So cute!

Alaska 109

Enjoying dinner with a view of dophins.

Alaska 112

More to come!  Check back later!



  1. hmm…i’m not convinced that they’re giving you well-rounded meals. you should get your money back!

  2. So fun…and I think you should strategically place Gilmore Girls references in every post:) (I’ve heard it was to die for as well).

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