Posted by: erinmelissa | June 30, 2009

Yukon Ho! (and Skagway too)

Our second stop was Skagway.  The boys played some disc golf while we girls slept in and ate a big breakfast, and did a little shopping.  Then we piled into a rental car and headed to the Yukon!

This is where the disc golf course was.  This is also where the mosquitos lived.

Alaska 013

This is actually not the proper disc golf technique. 

Alaska 014

Alaska 015

The “baskets” were actually beer kegs.  So, disc golf was easier, cause you only had to hit the keg rather than land in the basket, but it also had the added danger component of bear maulings.

Alaska 063

So, once the boys finished that we headed off for:

Alaska 035

Where we encountered

Alaska 022

this guy.  About 20′ or 30′ from us.

Alaska 024

We were so excited we decided to celebrate with some world famous icecream!  I got Rollo.  Yum.

Alaska 038

Tim got pistachio. He seemed to enjoy it.

Alaska 037

Then we headed off to a soup and sandwich restaurant that was recommended to us.

Alaska 039

From there we headed off to Emerald Lake.

Alaska 041

Alaska 043

and brought a friend back with us.

Alaska 047

Then we headed happily back to the US of A.  These mountains reminded me of zebras.

Alaska 060

Alaska 049

We had to make a few stops on the way

Alaska 050

Alaska 055

But eventually we made it back

Alaska 019

Believe it or not, still more to come.


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