Posted by: erinmelissa | July 2, 2009

Coming to an End of Alaska

Some parting pictures for you…

Yes, we are very photogenic:

Alaska 219

Tim and Andrew after some (lots of) Redbull

Alaska 217

Alaska 216

At our last cruise dinner.  We look happy, but we’re crying on the inside…

Alaska 213

Dessert bar…yummmm

Alaska 210

Frank liked it too.  Heaping plate of delicious.

Alaska 211

Everything was so good, Tim couldn’t decide what to eat first.  Pizza?  Ice cream?  Coke?

Alaska 207

The girls before our last formal dinner

Alaska 205

Andrew and Tim read the same book

Alaska 203

The same scary book

Alaska 202

Crab legs

Alaska 114

I can’t tell if this is a face or a boat.

Alaska 115

Andrew and Sara (the boat had a channel that showed what was seen from the front.  That’s what is playing behind them.)


Getting our exercise


That’s all for now…Happy 4th of July!


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