Posted by: erinmelissa | July 9, 2009

Lucky Me!

Tim is great.  Really really great.  And he got me the BEST presents.  I had an inkling I was getting something from Chocolate and Steel (mainly because I saw the package when it got here), and so when Tim handed me this:

Picture 009

I thought it would contain Chocolate and Steel lovelies, and was shocked to find:

Picture 008

Picture 007

Picture 005

Picture 003

Picture 002

a Made by Hank purse!  What?  I own one of the elusive, scarce, much sought after purses by Katie Henry???  Not to mention the toy dinosaur and deer that comes with it? 

my reaction

my reaction

I was not expecting this.  (Sorry about the dark pictures by the way, it was early morning and I didn’t think about stuff like turning on a light, or not putting it against something dark brown.)

But wait, there’s more!  With some amazing slight of hand action, Tim slipped a tiny box into the purse.  In it I found:

Petals and Dew by ChocolateandSteel

Petals and Dew by ChocolateandSteel

I have long wanted this little ring.  And now, I have it! 

But wait…still not done!

You may not know just how hard it is to get Made By Hank shoulder bags.  Let’s just say, while Tim was looking at pictures of one, debating buying it, it was sold.  It’s like those TV shows you see where there’s a sale at a famous wedding dress store, with women pulling a dress between them.  Trying to buy one of these bags is madness.  Which is why he wasn’t able to.  But, I get to.  It’s part of my present.  Next time I see one of these beauties:




I get to buy it!  Oh so excited!  What a great husband I have.



  1. happy birthday, erin! it’s been fun getting to know you better through the blogosphere. 🙂 what a terrific purse! i hope your day is fantastic.

  2. AMAZING! I love Made by Hank! I am eternally jealous… maybe not eternally. But right now I am. Happy birthday! Tim did a fabulous job! And I can’t wait to see pics of the shoulder bag when you are able to order it.

  3. Are you following Katie Henry’s blog? If not, she said that there should be more shoulder bags in her shop on Monday. Keep yours eyes peeled for them!!

  4. LOVED your fabulous gifts!!!!

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