Posted by: erinmelissa | July 10, 2009


What does it mean when your coffee is sizzling?  Here’s what my coffee is made up of:

Work coffee (this may be the problem)

Hot chocolate with no sugar added

Sugar (had to fix the no sugar added aspect)

Vanilla powder creamer

I stirred this together with plastic stirrers, and went on with my business.  But then I heard it.  The sound that sand makes when it pours from a shovel to a bucket.  You know, “shhhhhhhhh”.  I heard this about five times before I saw it.  Starting in the middle of my cup and moving outward in a circle.  A ripple.  This is still happening.  I’m a little scared to drink it.  “Oh no!  I’ll have to give up coffee!  And I love coffee!”  (That was for you, Al) 

I think – I don’t know, but I think – I’ve made coffee quicksand.



  1. That is a little scary. Don’t drink it!!!!

  2. Oh, and you better believe I appreciated it:)…this week we just watched the end of the final season. (again) Though I obviously knew what was coming, and that the show ended a few years ago, I was still SO sad that it was over! The last episode–with the rain jacket tent…and the promises of future Firday Night Dinners…and THE kiss…bring on the tears.

    oh yeah…stick to coffee, halk and half and (real) sugar and I think youll be ok:)

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