Posted by: erinmelissa | July 13, 2009

Game Night Pictures

Tim threw me a game night party for my birthday.  It was a ton of fun and full of food.

Picture 031

Meghan and Ryan were awesome.  When I got home they were already there, hanging streamers and helping Tim do some last minute tidying.  Then I noticed they’d brought t-o-n-s of food!

Picture 001

White cake cupcakes with bits of cherry in it, topped with strawberries and Rainier cherries, my favorite fruit in the world.  And…

Picture 003

She dipped strawberries, rainier cherries, pretzels and hazelnuts in chocolate (and some of them, sprinkles).  They were delicious.  I knew I liked Nutella, but I didn’t have any idea hazelnuts were so good!  Thanks Meghan!  She also gave me some of her original art cards.


We also had wraps, crossant sandwiches, pizza, Que Bueno nacho cheese (yuuuuum) and swedish fish.  Here’s Sarah filling her plate.

Picture 002

And of course, a variety of drinks.

Picture 005

It was extremely warm that day, so we headed out back where it was shady and cool.

Picture 004

and played Catchphrase while eating cupcakes.

Picture 012

Laura and me.  Laura was our official party photographer.  Thanks Laura!

Picture 014

Picture 027

Mike and Julann, who are expecting their little girl in a few weeks!

Picture 032

Whitney and Gabe, friends from church

Picture 015

Tim and me with Ryan and Meghan

Picture 016

My dad made it too!

Picture 034

Chris and Michelle, who are getting married in two weeks!

Picture 036

My new friend Lula the Hula (girl)

Picture 006

A little girl time

Picture 008

and boy time…

Picture 009

Sarah and me – Sarah made me the most amazing pre-made scrapbook.  All that I have to do is add the pictures from the party!  Get your own here.

Picture 010

I was spoiled by homemade goodies.  Laura made me green and brown earrings.

Picture 020

Joe, Whitney and Adam playing Rabid Rabbits or something like that

Picture 023

A game nights not a game night without some Settlers. 

Picture 026

I had a wonderful time, thanks to Tim for organizing such a great night!



  1. I’m so glad you had a fab b-day!! It was so much fun! =)

  2. Glad you had a good time!

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