Posted by: erinmelissa | July 21, 2009

New Stuff!

My dad took me out shopping for my birthday.  We hit Michael’s and Joann’s and I picked out some beads, then we went to Bellevue Square.  We visited Tim, who was working at Martin and Osa, where I picked up this beauty:

Originally $120, I got it for $50

Originally $120, I got it for $50

in this color:


which I will debut at Chris and Michelle’s wedding this weekend.

Tim has also brought me home a few presents from M+O since he started working there:





This skirt is so super cute.  It was an online return, the only one in the store, seriously cheap, and my size.  Tim paid about $15 for it.  Yay!

Anyway, Dad and I went to J Crew, and looked for ways to spend the gift card Mike and Julann gave me, but I had left it at home, so that will happen another day.  Then to GAP, where I came away with:


then we went to Specialties for dinner, where we discovered that the mall closed at 7.  So, we went home, and I was told that I still had more to cash in!  I am spoiled.  There’s no two ways about it.



  1. aw, i love martin + osa.

    i got some pretty great things during their extra 30% off sale items sale 😉

    hope you had a lovely birthday!! it seems like you got really nice things. that is so sweet your dad took you out shopping!


    ps: i love your jack bauer friend entry below. HILARIOUS. jack bauer is my hero. but i agree about the friend thing 😉

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