Posted by: erinmelissa | July 23, 2009

Phone calls and Spiders

Tim called me while on his lunch break to chat.  So, there we were, mindlessly chatting, me trying to explain the Lovely Packages, him listening politely, when along came a spider.  A little black spider with yellow stripes on his butt.  I watched him progress along the shelf above my desk with no plans to end his little life as long as he didn’t come closer.  But he couldn’t leave well enough alone, could he?  As he got closer, I alerted Tim of his presence:

Me: There’s a spider on my desk, will you come kill it?

Tim:  No.  You kill it.

Me (watching as it jumped from my shelf onto my computer with extreme agility): I can’t kill it.

Tim: Why?

Me: I’m scared.  It’ll eat me.

Tim: It won’t eat you.

Me: It’ll jump on me and eat me.

Tim: Spiders don’t jump.

Me: This one just jumped from my shelf to my computer.  About 6 inches.

Tim: So that spider jumps…

Me: I have to go.

Tim: Kill the spider.

Me: You kill it, I’m scared.

Tim: Just kill it.

Me: I have to go.  I’m going to go pull files.

Tim: But you’re talking to me.

Me: I have to go now. 

I hung up and ran for the file room.  Then I came back and looked for the vicious thing, found it was on my cubical wall, and worked as far away from it as possible.  Then Tami came over and killed it for me.  Phew.  Now I just have guts to deal with.  I can do that.


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