Posted by: erinmelissa | July 24, 2009

Dream a Little Dream of Hank

So, I’ve been checking Made By Hank constantly since Tim said I could get a shoulder bag (except I managed to miss the one time she posted them, and they sold out instantly.)  I’ve been checking it so much that my brain can’t let it go when I’m asleep.  I have literally had dreams about Made By Hank purses at least three times this week.  Once I dreamed she posted a bunch and I had to get up in the middle of the night to buy one.  Ironically that was the morning I discovered she had posted a bunch and they sold out.  I should have listened to my dream and gone online.  Then, the other night I dreamed that I went to a craft fair that she was at, and I put two orange round bags (why orange?  Why round?) in my Etsy cart (you still had to pay for them through Etsyeven though they were physically in front of you) while I decided between them so no one else would buy them.  Cause evidently I’m a cheater like that.  But, when Katie Henry saw they were in my cart she moved on to selling other stuff, and I had two bags even though I’d only paid for one.  I woke up feeling horribly guilty.  And weird, because somewhere in the dream I was also being stalked by a very short man.

That said, I sure hope I can get one soon and put my mind at ease.  These dreams are getting weirder and weirder. 

Who knows, maybe Frances Houseman (Katie’s dog) will show up in the next one…


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