Posted by: erinmelissa | July 27, 2009

Chris and Michelle’s Wedding

We got to know Chris and Michelle through our community group.  Chris was leading, and Michelle joined our group after her own group split.  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know them, so it was really fun to be apart of their day and be able to help with things leading up to it. 

Picture 051

This brave couple had an outdoor wedding…the first I’ve ever gone to in Washington!

Picture 052

Our friend Steven from Community Group did special music

Picture 060

Julie from CG did the Scripture reading

Picture 056

Michelle, walking down the aisle. 

Picture 132

Picture 140

The first married kiss!

Picture 150

This is the program I designed.  And with the help of my CG girls, we got over 150 made.

Picture 151

Picture 044

I also handwrote all the guest names on these little boxes (I LOVE writing) and the girls helped me fill them with jelly bellies and tie them with bows.

Picture 121

Picture 118

Picture 093

Ooh it us!  Yes, it was extrememly sunny and warm, and yes, I am fried to a crisp.  Tim described my new coloring as “watermelon”/

Picture 102

Picture 099

Picture 101

Attempting to be artsy.

Picture 145

Congrats Chris and Michelle!


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