Posted by: erinmelissa | July 28, 2009

I realize this is way after the fact…

but look at this adorable card Mitsuki made me (three people, he’s three)

The front:

Picture 041

The inside:

Picture 042

Picture 043

If you can’t read what he asked Chie to write, it is this:

Aunti Erin

Happy birthday.  I love you so much.  I like playing with you.  You are kind to me.  I like your haircut.  I like spending a night at your house.  Next time I want to stay at your house.



After I finished reading this outloud he said, “and it says I want to eat big bread with you, and have bacon and read a book and watch Pirates (who don’t do anything), and…”  the big bread was in reference to the loaves lining the walls at Panera where we were having lunch.  He reeeeaaallly wanted one to himself.  He had to settle on sharing a baguette with Chie.  He’s so cute.  I like him.


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