Posted by: erinmelissa | July 29, 2009

Unheard of

Very hot
Brilliant sunshine
Sunny and not as hot
Partly sunny
Times of clouds and sun
HI: 103°
LO: 62°
  HI: 96°
LO: 60°
  HI: 87°
LO: 61°
  HI: 87°
LO: 62°
  HI: 86°
LO: 60°

This is front page news:

We’re really cookin’ now
This will likely be a day like no other in Seattle. The National Weather Service calls for temperatures to reach 100 Wednesday and Thursday. That would equal the hottest day ever recorded here.

Seattle PI

Seattle has never, in it’s recorded history, reached over 100 degrees.  Today, we make a new record.  My Californian friends may scoff, but bear in mind…this is a region without AC.  Houses do not come equipped with AC.  Apartments do not come equipped with AC.  And, thanks to a bill passed by our local government, many apartment complex pools have been shut down.  Many people don’t have cars with AC (it’s only needed a few weeks of a normal year – this is not a normal year.)  So, if you want to cool down, here are your options:

1. Go to a movie theater

2. Go to Target

Also, do not use your oven.  That will take your ninety degree house to 1 billion degrees in a nano second.  Using your microwave is only acceptable if it’s the only way to eat. 

Tim has a travel alarm clock that is also a thermometer.  He left it in our little bathroom for about 9 hours and it read 90 degrees.  This morning I took a luke warm shower, and almost passed out while putting on my contacts, because the moist heat of the shower mixed with the stagnant heat of the bathroom made it similar to a sauna in there.  I couldn’t bear the thought of blasting hot air on my head, so my hair is in the shortest ponytail ever, rather than going through the usual dry and straighten routine. 

Thankfully, Tim convinced me that a portable air conditioning unit from Costco would be a good investment in May, so we can sleep through the night in relative comfort, if it is aimed directly at us.  We can also push it into our little living room for the evenings, and make it tolerable in there. 

But, because of the heat, as well as the opportunity to have a date night, Tim and I sought refuge at the sticky foot movie theater last night.  We saw the Wolverine movie, and were pretty entertained, and very cold.  I think it was probably about 65 in that little theater.  Tim works tonight, so I’m crossing my fingers that my dad has finished Harry Potter book 6 and we can bask in the coolness of a different movie theater enjoying the AC as well as the movie (this was my favorite HP book, so I have high hopes for this movie).  Hope everyone is staying cool!


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